Effective at cutting steel up to 250 mm thick or waterjet blasting at pressures up to 3800 bar, this powerful self-contained underwater waterjet cutting and blasting system improves the safety and effectiveness of subsea operations and has numerous advantages over conventional subsea cutting and cleaning tools, giving operators increased flexibility and access to larger projects. Unlike conventional tools, waterjet cuts without heat, reducing the hazard of igniting trapped pockets of gas during cutting. In addition, the tools used in a waterjet system cannot bind in the cut, jeopardizing asset integrity.

Chukar’s subsea waterjet equipment has numerous applications for deepwater emergency response operations, salvage operations, and rapid de-mobilization operations. Chukar systems quickly blast away even the toughest coatings, including three-layer polypropylene (3LPP), and provide a safer, more effective method for cutting multiple strings of grouted casings for well severance. Waterjetting equipment also may be used to provide turbulence in a stream of methanol for hydrate remediation, an application Chukar developed in emergency response to the Gulf oil of Mexico spill, when the company was asked to rapidly manufacture a system to clear a clogged containment system 1500 meters underwater

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Surface-Powered 150HP Electric
55KPSI/2 GPM UHP Intensifier
Operable to 10,000 ft. Depth
ROV-Operable Tools
Size: 6’x6’x8′; Weight: < 6,300 lbs
Media: Seawater, Fresh Water, Methanol
8″ Thick Steel
Tanks, Pipelines, Wellheads/Risers
Blasting for removal of hydrate ice
Blast or rotary cleaning for removal of marine growth and other coatings

Decommissioning, Salvage, Inspection, Hydrate Remediation, Cleaning

Application Examples:
Cutting for removal of subsea structures
Cutting for removal of subsea wrecks
Blast or rotary cleaning to isolate welds for inspection