Chukar Waterjet Finalist for Minnesota Manufacturing Awards

Subsea Waterjet Manufacturer One of Three Finalists for Best in Class: Small Company Award for Overall Excellence in Minnesota’s Manufacturing Industry

Minnesota Business magazine has named Chukar Waterjet a finalist for the 2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Awards

Chukar Waterjet is one of three manufacturers contending for the Best in Class: Small Company award, which recognizes a small company (1-50 employees) for overall excellence in the manufacturing industry in Minnesota.  Award winners will be announced at a Sept. 24 ceremony in Minneapolis and finalists will be featured in the October issue of Minnesota Business.

Based in St. Michael, Minnesota, Chukar Waterjet manufactures ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting and blasting equipment for the deepwater subsea environment, an application it pioneered during the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, when Chukar Waterjet and its sister company Jet Edge, Inc. were asked to rapidly develop a waterjet system that could be deployed 5,000 feet underwater to blast away hydrates that were clogging a containment system.

Chukar Waterjet is the only waterjet manufacturer in the world that offers ultra-high pressure (UHP) waterjet equipment capable of operating in the deepwater subsea environment.  Chukar’s subsea waterjet technology improves the safety and effectiveness of subsea operations, allowing operators to access new types of work and larger projects. Unlike conventional tools, waterjet cuts without heat, reducing the hazard of igniting trapped pockets of gas during cutting.  Waterjet system tools cannot bind in the cut, jeopardizing asset integrity.  

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